A Sexy Love Story (Travis × Reader) (Slow Updates)

A Sexy Love Story (Travis × Reader) (Slow Updates)

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Selena By Dark_Blue_Queen Updated Dec 26, 2016

This story was originally created by @im_da_beanie_bomb but I'll be continuing it for her.

I will start it off right where she it and continue on with that.

The first few chapters will not be in this book but in im_da_beanie_bomb's book, so go check it out.

But anyways here is "A Sexy Love Story (Travis × Reader)"

im_da_beanie_bomb im_da_beanie_bomb Aug 18, 2016
Love it! And I love how you made the reader Zanes twin.. Only the reader is still younger! But im sad that she's not the youngest.. but it's fine! I might have to fix that so the readers aren't confused!
That reminds me...I have the same exact shirt that Zane does and whenever I wear it ALL OF MY FRIENDS call me Zane. I mean, I guess I do act like him all the time. Plus, my x reader character is always the same and she always ended up looking like Zane so in a way, this is a win-win for me.
xXPurpleSparkXx xXPurpleSparkXx Nov 09, 2016
how. did. you. know. my. OC. that. i'm. using. for. this. story. is Zane's. TWIN?
im_da_beanie_bomb im_da_beanie_bomb Aug 18, 2016
I can't wait to see the story in its full on glory! Thank you Little Angel for doing this!
-Nico_Yazawa- -Nico_Yazawa- Oct 29, 2016
Do we have to look exactly like him though. I know not all twins are identical ..