Sparks Ignited: Sparks Of Hope Sequel

Sparks Ignited: Sparks Of Hope Sequel

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Sammie/Jax By Patrick11Stump Updated Feb 03

Patrick is just your average man. California living and record labels is how you'd define him. After his brush with death he decided he'd go back to the sunny California weather and go to college. A few flings later and he's hooked himself a partner. His life is simple yet boring. He hasn't seen Pete since that fateful day in the E.R. and he's glad. 

Pete is still living it up in Chicago. He's got a girl and a kid as well. He's happy-well as happy as he can be at least. He never did go to college or do anything spectacular with his life.   

What happens when the two are reunited by a accidental meet up in a familiar neighborhood? Can they extinguish their flame before its sparks up? Or will they be sucked back into their hopeless teenage love?

•I would like to thank marcela0890, as they're the person who helped me make the plot and were the ones who actually encouraged me to make a sequel so thank them with nice comments and a follow!•

*This is a safe fic, so there will be no mentions of self harm or anything of that nature*

*All people used in this story are used as references and are fictional. Any correlation with any persons are nearly coincidence and not intentional*

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