Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

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DamnGina By DamnGina Updated Oct 09

"You knew what your dad was going to my family!!" I yelled snatching my arm out of his grip. "No I didn't. All i knew was that he was getting out." He said. "Besides let's not pretend that your family is innocent in all of this. THey were just going to let my father sit in jail." I shook my head. "Que i think we need to just stop this ..... whatever this is between us. We just need to let it go before things get too deep."

"Fine." I said walked closer to her staring into her beautiful brown eyes. "Things between us are already too deep just to walk away." I said kissing her neck. We've gone through too much shit together to just cut all ties." I felt her shiver as my lips trailed up and across her jaw to her lips. "S-st-stop." She whispered as my hand trailed up her thigh as my other one gripped her ass. I pulled her into a deep kiss holding her close.

Once I heard her moan I pulled away and with one last look I turned and headed to the door. I stopped right before leaving and looked at her. "I'll fallback and let you do you but I will be watching."

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imdatchick imdatchick Jul 14
I cant even go
                              To the bathroom without my
                              Momma askin where im goin...😐
maracuyaas maracuyaas Aug 22, 2016
Gio extra but Que need not to be talking crazy Gio still bae 😛😂
kameronrenae kameronrenae Oct 07, 2016
Lmao every parents favorite line! Oh so you grown now though!
starksmonica starksmonica Aug 22, 2016
Gio is over reacting!  I am surprised that he does not have a familiar  feeling about the Jacques.....
SierraLeone__ SierraLeone__ Aug 31, 2016
Tell him again Anaya because Gio seems to have a case of amnesia