Run Away To You  (Completed)

Run Away To You (Completed)

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"Mary you know that we can never be together. Listen to your parents, go head and marry him. I can't offer you nothing that you deserve," Charles said wiping away her tears with the rough pads of his thumbs. 
    "I don't care what my daddy and momma say. No amount of money, jewelry, or land in the world can make me happy. It sickens me the way my folks talk to y'all. The only person that can make me happy is you... I love you." 
    This is a tale of two lovers set in the late 1700's and early 1800's when it was a sin for a white woman to have any relationship with a black slave man. But the pair will stop at nothing to be able to love each other freely. Even when all odds are against them and they are faced with hardships, social injustices, and even death, they still persevere their love.


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