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ANDROMEDA By foreons- Updated Sep 14


Mahiru Tetsuya and Eishi Tsukasa were two sides of the same coin. But they had so much in common; their infatuation with each other, their obsession with defeating the other, and that they were both born with a silver spoon in their pretty little mouths.

But the simple thing that had them clashing bitterly was the fact that while Mahiru was never motivated enough to finish anything, Eishi was willing to do anything to achieve victory. Azami Nakamura was only the final blow that separated them.

However, as fate would have it, only months later, Mahiru is given the chance to repair the bond between the two of them.

Will history repeat again, or will Mahiru finally be willing to go to the length to mend her relationship?
{shokugeki no soma}
  media resource: mayumi konno

If you need help with ideas, I would be glad to help!! I really like helping other authors plan their books!! But, yeah!
rafwacchi rafwacchi Sep 14
AHAHAHA you spell ma name wrong but its okay<3 its a good chap, cant wait for the next chap🎉
It's alright! Thank you for writing this chapter!!! ^-^ Btw I'm sticking around for the next one too!
I really like this!!! Was this just the prologue?? If so, then that's awesome!! If you still have ideas for this book, please update soon!
SheraYuki SheraYuki Aug 22, 2016
Anyway I kind of sorry for Shinomiya. It's seems hard to have her respect him as teacher or mentor :'')
                              AND TSUKASAAA MY BABY <3 *fangirling*  *caps lock* I wanna see hiiimmmm. Saw he's so cool manga isn't he?
                              Btw, thanks for the fanfic. I hope it will update soon. I'm waiting :)
epicloving epicloving Nov 24, 2016
Such informative information, you're a very detailed author. I look forward to your story ^-^