ON HIATUS --- Memories Gone - Young Justice Fanfiction (Bluepulse and TimKon)

ON HIATUS --- Memories Gone - Young Justice Fanfiction (Bluepulse and TimKon)

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Evey-M By Evey-M Updated Jul 11

Bart Allen and Tim Drake were walking around the park, talking to each other about their crushes. Today was one of those days when they just needed to talk. 

But, a villian at a near by store steals some jewels. They run to the store, while calling the team. But mid-sentence, Bart and Tim get knocked out. 

When they awake, CatWomen was there. She's sees that they don't have any memory of who they are and take them in. She takes them back to her shared house, unknown to every hero, with Harley and Poison Ivy. They take them in and train them both under as their protégés and sons. 

Will they ever get their memory back?

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They don't remember who they are, but they remember perfect French, obviously
ifunerin ifunerin Nov 10, 2016
Is it bad that I didn't understand half of the French and yet I knew this word straight away?
Whitefox_cx Whitefox_cx Aug 29, 2016
Ohhhh is the villian Bart and Tim going to be like my villians lol 🤓🤓😌😌