Pink and Black Will Never Mix ||Zane~Chan||

Pink and Black Will Never Mix ||Zane~Chan||

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they are opposites •v• By zane-chan_team Updated Aug 30, 2018

Pink and Black surely don't mix right?

Well, Zane Ro'Meave and Kawaii~Chan... Pinkytail? I dunno... annnnyyywayyss, as I was saying, they have never been more then friends, but will a trip to Love~Love Paradise make them fall in love?
What they both don't know is that they like each other. Soon they MIGHT confess their love for each other, but will something or SOMEONE, get in the way? Who knows. Maybe, maybe not.
  Aye! @CheeseDelight here, and this is a story I made! Yay..... 
  Yeah no one really cares. 

NOTE: Sorry for not really using Aphmau Logic, I haven't watched her in a while. Also, sorry for HORRIBLE grammar and spelling. I do apologize. And typos too. 

Hope you enjoy!

~The Zane~Chan_Team

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xMrsMemesx xMrsMemesx May 30, 2017
♡.♡ KC's just trying to find a way to make him love her and I think it's working...
Maggie_Loves_Muffins Maggie_Loves_Muffins Aug 17, 2017
Op10673 Op10673 Apr 07, 2017
I LIKE SHIPPING YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't forget me I made more than you
Ya_boi_Mysterion Ya_boi_Mysterion Jun 21, 2017
Mxmoka Mxmoka Aug 16, 2017
Sadly pink and purple mix 
                              It makes a nice magenta, which is one of my favorite colors ;-;
SalzarBacon SalzarBacon Dec 03, 2017
If you mix pink and black, it actually turns into a weird shade of purple. And it looks really cool.