Always  (Max and Harvey)

Always (Max and Harvey)

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Nae_nae2 By Nae_nae2 Updated Oct 14

Cleo has never been one to dream. But, when it comes to Max and Harvey her dreams feel like reality. All she does is want to meet them. Her problem is when she meets them which one will she like more. Does she break one of their hearts or does she break both of their hearts.

Start: August 18-19
End: ??????

Nae_nae2 Nae_nae2 Aug 20
Sorry guys I kept changing her name. The name I decided to keep is the name Cleo
I'd like to delete my message because it will totally destroy my reputation. If Mia gets mad or Naenae.
Mia_Rosey Mia_Rosey Aug 20
max normally wears blue and harvey normally wears red. but not always. its also different colors!
UHM. @Mia_Rosey, that is super not possible. No offense. Or, is it just that you are joking or something.