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Hey, I'm [Y/n] Suko from the strong Suko clan. My clan was destroyed by Zuurocco ninjas when I was four or five. My mom, dad, twin brothers, and sisters were all killed trying to protect me. My mom was going to tell me something important before they were killed, right before my mom died, my brothers yelled at the same time "RUN [Y/N]! RUNAWAY AND DON'T LOOK BACK!" I started to cry, I almost went to my knees when they killed my mom "[Y/N]! RUN!" My sisters yelled together, I wiped away the tears and ran into the forest. I ran for a long time, I made it to this lake and sat down next to it. I cleaned my hands and massaged my bare feet, I heard two voices a little ways away "Kakashi is so YOUTHFUL!" They started to come closer.

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Well I am a teenager and people think I am a fifth grader because I look REALLY young and totally not because of my looks AND height! *nervous laugh*
Capt-n3M0 Capt-n3M0 Jun 14
Mom: Sorry we can't eat (INSERT FAV. FOOD) tonight I ran out of (INSERT INGREDIENT).
                              (Y/N): *gasp* NUUUUUUUUU-
Wow my mom can be transsexual apparently!!! SO COOL! I think what does that even mean? Stop reading my text I think I typed something mean.
Name: Shadow
                              Hair Length: Short with one strip of bangs on the side
                              Hair Color: Dark/Light Blue
Rin: Kakashi I want the D
                              Kakashi: Well, since we're going in alphabetical order, sorry Rin but the C comes first.
                              Rin: Wha-
                              Kakashi: CHIDORI