The Crazy Fairy Tail (Book 2 Of Fairy Tail High Natsu X Reader)

The Crazy Fairy Tail (Book 2 Of Fairy Tail High Natsu X Reader)

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if you have not read the first book Fairy Tail High Natsu X Reader please do! You will not understand anything that will happen. Also I do not own you, Fairy Tail, or any pictures and videos. I do own the story line.

It is the second year of your favorite school, Fairy Tail high. You and Natsu can't wait to see what will happen this year. But what you weren't ready for was 7 new students, a drastic turn of events before Natsu's basketball championship, new enemies,  and allot more crazy! If you think this is going to be as crazy as the first book then your wrong. 

It's going to be a Crazy Fairy Tail!!!


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Allstar5032 Allstar5032 Jul 19, 2017
*doesnt care what author~chan said* IVE PLAYED BASKETBALL!!!
Mynameis_pop Mynameis_pop Jul 31, 2017
You must be REALLY nice becuase she went REAL yandere for Natsu lol
DemonAngel12 DemonAngel12 Apr 28, 2017
Poor Laxus having to deal with Mira-Jane when she's in fan girl mode
Our-Savior-Yaoi Our-Savior-Yaoi Oct 09, 2017
I'm not complaining just telling y'all, I got three basketball trophies and I was the bests defense my team ever had
_alyboba_ _alyboba_ Jan 11
Uhh, replace “Mira” with “me” and this story will be accurate with every couple in fairy tail. Ever
Is it weird that I’m imagining Igneel a human sized dragon just wearing normal every day clothing???