MPHFPC Randomness

MPHFPC Randomness

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C A Z Z O By MidgeTheSmidge Updated Aug 24

A mysterious girl.
A beautifully-written series of books.
A strange collection of very peculiar fanfiction.

It all waits to be discovered in Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children... Randomness!


Welcome, dear readers, to the inner workings of my demented mind. There are sodas in the fridge, I think. But leave your shoes outside; you're not in Devil's Acre anymore!

See, what you have stumbled upon is a book filled with those many inkling fanfiction ideas that seep from my brain that are far to simple or short to become a story of any sustenance: headcanons, au one-shots, parodies, (but mostly) other random reflections or thoughts I may have as I fall asleep; all, of course, relating to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. (Which, by the way, I do NOT own - that masterpiece belongs to a genius of a creature by the name of Ransom Riggs.)

So what are you waiting for? Open this book, and find security in the fact that, no, you are not the most freakishly obsessed peculiar fangirl/fanboy on earth. That title belongs to Yours Truly, and you will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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How to explain that book in the most interesting way possible
If no one is going to write this, I will: 
                              Still a better love story then twilight
Lol, the kid sneezes and a be comes out LOL fee we have witch children!
I loved the explanation of your book or fanfictiontions, and before I even pressed the read button to open the book, I knew it would be written well.
cherryfanboy cherryfanboy Sep 23, 2016
Ok so the first time i read this sentence i thought u were saying that hugh and jacob had kids together and i was like
VoidWolfie VoidWolfie Oct 21, 2016
I imagine jacob telling his children"you know your mother used to date my grandpa" and the kids like WTF