Unheard  →pjm+myg

Unheard →pjm+myg

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You know. I know. By dark_n_wild Updated 6 days ago

Nothing seemed to ever go right for Min Yoongi, and then he met Park Jimin.

I'm so ready for his life to be forever changed by sunshine jimin
Making it up... with making out?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I'm sorry)
This is actually the first fanfic mainly about Suga that I'm reading & I really enjoyed it 👌 
                              P.s. Suga's mixtape shook me so much...making me become unfaithful to Tae.
seokjin-jpg seokjin-jpg Aug 19
i sTiLL hAvE a fEw mOrE dAyS oF sUmMeR vAcAtIoN LeFt, pLeAsE wAiT
For some reason I just heard kookie's breath from the beginning of butterfly 😆
Maybe the days keep on repeating... Like 50 first dates (that's the name of that movie where the girl does the same thing everyday, right?)