Unheard  →pjm+myg

Unheard →pjm+myg

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You know. I know. By dark_n_wild Updated Jun 27, 2017

Nothing seemed to ever go right for Min Yoongi, and then he met Park Jimin.

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xiuminthesquirrel xiuminthesquirrel Aug 17, 2016
I'm so ready for his life to be forever changed by sunshine jimin
ABrokenFighter ABrokenFighter Nov 09, 2016
Making it up... with making out?( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (I'm sorry)
MhmYesRightThere MhmYesRightThere Aug 21, 2016
This is actually the first fanfic mainly about Suga that I'm reading & I really enjoyed it 👌 
                              P.s. Suga's mixtape shook me so much...making me become unfaithful to Tae.
-flourqirl -flourqirl Aug 19, 2016
i sTiLL hAvE a fEw mOrE dAyS oF sUmMeR vAcAtIoN LeFt, pLeAsE wAiT
MhmYesRightThere MhmYesRightThere Aug 21, 2016
For some reason I just heard kookie's breath from the beginning of butterfly 😆
MhmYesRightThere MhmYesRightThere Aug 21, 2016
Maybe the days keep on repeating... Like 50 first dates (that's the name of that movie where the girl does the same thing everyday, right?)