Problematic 2: BOBOIBOY

Problematic 2: BOBOIBOY

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Love of all By MariaWords Completed

At the end of the 1st book of 'Problematic: Boboiboy', boboiboy went back for his vacations to meet his parents. 

Did boboiboy come back after the vacations? 

Did he contact fang after he went off to his parents?

What is fang doing in the middle of waiting for him?

Will he contact kaizo to find boboiboy during the vacations?

Find the answer in this book.

/i would like if you guys read this book change the background colour to black. It keeps your phone battery and your eyesight wont get that worse.

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ButeqUzumaki ButeqUzumaki Nov 20, 2017
The hell is wrong with you....
                              Gopal, hold my arms.. Imma smack him..
                              Gopal: Sure.. *holds*
Michelbde Michelbde Aug 22, 2016
                              Yes I like the story but my reaction is-
SpadexClover SpadexClover Aug 23, 2016
Noooooooooooooooooooooo................................. BRING FANG BACK TO BOBOIBOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? OR ELSE YOU'RE GOING TO DIE.............
                              //joking............ But please......... Bring fang back to boboiboy......
Loli_hiko-chan16 Loli_hiko-chan16 Aug 22, 2016
Oh my god I hope fang is all right ,when bbb lost his memory (it really lost? o.O) *RIP English :3
Aquarius03Egnar Aquarius03Egnar Aug 23, 2016
Fang you're being a jag here.
                              If you keep on treating your boy like that I swear to god I'll find you and give you a marshmallow.
                              Then I'll sprinkle some sugar on you and the marshmallow and swallow you both.
                              (Hey, I luv the marshmallow talk xD)
Admin_Maria Admin_Maria Jan 21, 2017
. . . ..  .  Fang! Your getting a beatdown for hurting Boboiboy! Ling! Your getting a beatdown for stealing Fang away from Boboiboy!