Rogue Thief

Rogue Thief

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Annie By Dusk_Love Updated May 13, 2014

Iris is a rogue and a thief. She steals from other packs to survive. Food, clothes, shoes, you name it. Not once has she been caught. She's known by every wolf out there as Furis. Which is The Thief in Latin. 

She was never in a pack to begin with and refuses to be in one now. Her mother filled her in on all the details of being a Werewolf and if there's anthing that remains significant about it, it's the term mate. 
Her mother told her every wolf has one. Is this true? If so, where's hers?

It's not long before her questions are answered. 

Iris steps onto the Dust Land Pack territory one night for a late midnight snack. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. The Dust Land Pack is a warrior pack. They're ruthless fighters and Iris has heard all kinds of stories that amaze her. In fact, Iris vowed to herself that one day she would join them. 
That doesn't seem likely to happen when she's caught in their kitchen, peeling a banana open with one hand and biting into an apple with another. 
And you know what the most horrifying part is? 
She's caught red-handed by her one and only mate.

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