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Individual Roleplay

Individual Roleplay

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SnowBentley By SnowBentley Updated Nov 16, 2016

Basically an individual rp

Hello. I'd like to apply for the RP.
                              Imperial Commissar Daedalus . 6'4 or 1.94m in height. Standard commissarial equipment with additional pistols and claymore.
                              Hit me up if you want to do an RP
Name: Lila Spencer
                              Age: 19
                              Gender: female 
                              Species: human
                              Looks: Long dark brown hair, a bit pale, gray eyes.
                              Personality: smart, strong, protective, loyal, brave 
                              Likes: many things, hugs, fandoms, comfort
                              Dislikes: rude people, seeing her loved ones hurt, guys that flirt with her.
Name Lyria Gold
                              Looks:My profile pic
                              Personality:Kind,Short temper,Sometimes rude,
Name: Kai drakeel
                              Age: 18
                              Gender: male
                              Species's: half dragon
                              Looks: has white hair and green eyes with a sleeveless open jacket no shirt and a cross hanging from his ear and some cargo pants
                              Personality: fun to be around with some anger issues
                              Likes everything
                              Dislikes: very little
Mari453832 Mari453832 Jun 20
                              Looks: Long, curly brown hair, freckles, tan skin
                              Personality: Sweet, stubborn, fiesty, flirty
                              Likes: cute animals, singing, school
                              Dislikes: idiots, jerks
Kit-Kat635 Kit-Kat635 Jun 22
Name: Arīa Aoki 
                              Age: 16
                              Gender: female
                              Species: Human
                              Looks: (my profile pic)
                              Personality:adventurous, caring, fun,dare devil, gets annoyed easily
                              Likes:Dares,plushies, rain, sweets,and pie
                              Dislikes:spiders,drunks, abusive people