Once Upon A Time (A Drarry FanFiction Collection)

Once Upon A Time (A Drarry FanFiction Collection)

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Juliet's Drarry By JulietsEmoPhase Updated Aug 17, 2016

A collection of fairy tale Drarry AU stories, all featuring various Creature!Dracos!  The book is marked as incomplete, as I might add more stories, but these will always be complete within themselves.  

1) Breath Of Life - Pirate!Potter is rescued by Mermaid!Malfoy when he is tossed into the sea.

2) On The Wings Of Love - Harry is a thief on the run, Draco is a Veela locked in a tower, where the only way in is to climb his hair.

3) Draco Dormiens - Prince Draco was kidnapped years ago and is now guarded by a fierce dragon.  Does Harry, the lowly son of a Potter, have what it takes to rescue him? 

Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction.  Fairy tale AUs.  No smut.  11K words.

DJ_Potato DJ_Potato Nov 26, 2016
BrokenAesthetic BrokenAesthetic Aug 17, 2016
Yay!! 😊I swear every time I run out of things to read I discover another of your fanfictions.
CrayonBreakyWillow CrayonBreakyWillow Oct 15, 2016
Your stories are just *thinks of good enough word but can't *
JustADrarryPhan JustADrarryPhan Aug 18, 2016
Yay! A new story! If the first chapter's anything to go by then the rest of the book will be amazing! Xxx