Harmony Girls

Harmony Girls

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Inspired by 'Human My Little Pony' by @Zoey-Wolfstripe.

Sun and moon. Day and night. Once closer than ever, are continuing an everlasting feud to determine who was correct all those years ago. They did this by each starting an academy of their own.

Celest Academy has had a school system that has remained the same for eons which eventually formed a wedge between the many students attending. The many pupils attending show hatred towards each other.

Desears. Desears have a knack for all things in the arts whether it being music, theater (which may include lying) or literal art. They claim Mystics are needless geeks and Ortics are brutes.

Ortics. They are fast thinkers and most famous for their physical abilities. Ortics are built for battle and nothing else. They accuse the Desears of being prissy liars and the Mystics as wimps.

Mystics. They are known to be the wisest and hold the most knowledge about magic. They consider Ortics inferior and Desears manipulative.

Then there are those who are simply on the sidelines. Undecided.

You could say that this is basically a school feud. Each group does not accept the other. Principle Celestia and her ancestry only accepted the best of the best. They can't figure out what is preventing them from overcoming their nemeses: Selene Academy.  

But what happens when alliances start to form amongst the groups? Not only will friendship form, but eventually as will romance. This is seen as a sin, but the seven are determined to follow through in the end.

Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity never expected that they'd be the ones to finally bring harmony to Celest Academy and defeat the darkness Selene Academy had fallen victim to. Pinkie Pie is more than willing to help and Sunset Shimmer eventually wants in on the action.

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Are ya an overachiever ? Because that was a really long but great chapter.