PaperJam's Diary (Complete)

PaperJam's Diary (Complete)

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Please note that this book is old and shitty. I have it still up cause people like it. So don't come commenting about the shit grammar and spelling. English isn't my first language in the first place :/

PaperJam's Diary is like a first person point of view of PaperJam. But it takes place in his diary he got for his 14th birthday. He is currently conflicting with his feelings, weather to tell Mr. Fresh his true feelings or remain silent. His "Mother" Ink Sans says that Mr. Fresh and him can have a sleepover near the end of the party. So him and Mr. Fresh make plans for the slumber party. But when Mr. Fresh says he has something important to tell him, he keeps pondering about it not knowing what to do. He keeps theorizing and eventually forgets about the sleepover unprepared! What does he do? What will he say?

Cover art and Party Plans Chapter art by me.
Everything else belongs to there rightful owners.

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Pj: -doing the doll thing- 
                              Error: SCREEECH
                              Ink: Oh dear god
I have an Xbox one its really cool also I always play with my sis on it but if she loses in hunger games on Minecraft she hits me with the controller 😔🙁😣
This is so cute that I'm sitting here scared that it'll become really dark <__<
Jaycastaway Jaycastaway Aug 27
Awwwww pj you are too cute! Ink and Error must be so happy to have you as their son! X3
Literally_Just_Trash Literally_Just_Trash Nov 01, 2016
                              I don't know if this was intentional, but I found this funny 
                              'Cause Geno is technically like 1/2 alive 
                              And he gave PJ HALFlife 
                              Ok, I'll go now
DragonDragon74 DragonDragon74 Dec 28, 2016
Playing Mario on an Xbox.  Welp, I guess anything is possible when you're the child of the being of creation and the being of destruction...