I Saved Him (#Wattys2016)

I Saved Him (#Wattys2016)

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Belle Sweet, the only girl Alpha. 

Landon, a sweet, and innocent man. 

Belle Sweet is 17 years old. She's one who puts other before herself, her pack. Her pack is number one in her life, and no one can overthrow them. Being the only girl Alpha, means you have to have a mate. So when she goes on a hunt for her mate, she expects to find someone with strength. Someone who could take control of her pack.

But her mate has been broken. It has been him and his brother for his entire life. Landon is protective, protective of the people he loves - his brother. Him and his brother are unaware of the supernatural world, which causes Belle to be put into a disadvantage. Can Landon prove himself worthy to the strong Alpha? Or will he cause her pack to fall?

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AA-uk955 AA-uk955 Mar 30, 2016
What is so great about sundresses bc so I hear it so many times?! Hmmm this is a fancy party..what to wear? Ah I got it ! SUNDRESS!!
fxckingbrendon fxckingbrendon Mar 25, 2016
I moved over the summer, and all of my old friends completely replaced me with the girl that they used to all hate. She's their best friend now. I don't care as long as they're happy!
- - Apr 21, 2016
What's with this alpha, mate and pack stuff? Anyone care to explain?
fxckingbrendon fxckingbrendon Mar 25, 2016
I'm too emo for light makeup.
                              I wear face primer, foundation, setting powder, black eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, highlighter, I fill in my eyebrows, and then I put on lipstick. Everyday.
Tinaa_M Tinaa_M Sep 16, 2015
I'm not judging at all, but this is like the 5th story that I've read her best friend dresses her up and she's like
                              OMG is that me
                              At least she didn't scream or I might've just lost it
Delirious_Hatter Delirious_Hatter Jul 25, 2015
Bestie calm your werewolf tits (u are a werewolf right oh whatever) the point is I am finding him, fate is leading the way so in four more days he just waltz right in. Understood smart one?