Life is a Road

Life is a Road

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ЈЄᒪᔕᗩ ᖇЄᖘᑌᗷᒪIᕳ ᔕTORIЄᔕ By JelsaRepublicStories Updated Nov 26

Another story inculding the big six,

is it about their eventful highschool or college?

Are they spies, rock stars or in a zombie apocalypse? 

Then what the hell is the story about?. 

The story is about friendship. About how six friends stick together as they face the scary adult life.In which you have to make all the decisions by yourself and face the consequences. This is the story about real life and how much bumpy road it is but if you have your friends with you, this bumpy road will be durable. 

Join Jack, Merida, Hiccup, Rapunzal, Eugene and Elsa in their crazy adventures of jobs, family problems and how they finally find their place in life.

ofcourse it contains ships

*mouth hangs open * okay Elsa .... you're definitely going to be invited to my birthday party
well, yes, but what can you say? its not like heaven is filled with people like you, is it now?😂😂
Of course I'm going to support you on this book ! I loved this chapter and I bet that the others that are about to come are going to be definitely superiperextramazing. 
                              (Sorry again for the delay)
urg, same bruh, not that i did it before, but whatever😂😂
Thank you! Can't wait to read the rest of the story! *whispers* Psst, please, mericcup *wink* *wink*