Vent: Feliciano's Journal (Completed)

Vent: Feliciano's Journal (Completed)

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Feliciano has been suffering from on/off again depression. He's been assigned to write, or "vent", inside this little journal daily, until the month is over. During this period of time, let's see how our little friend turns out~...

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I'm so proud. 

((this book can get a little depressing, and a little "grafic" so, if you don't like stuff like that, please don't read it then. I'm not trying to be rude, its just the truth. You don't like it, then don't read it.))

(Don't steal my work or I'll cut you.)

I love this it's really relostic compared to alot of other things cause your not scarred of having a bunch of little plot twist in real life
Wow, that's happened to me once. My friend reminded me of my mother, so sweet and caring, but funny and strict. It was hard NOT to cry in front of her.
Its a good point on life its self a bit depressing but its the truth