Falling in love with the Muslim girl

Falling in love with the Muslim girl

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TheSecretWriterr94 By TheSecretWriterr94 Updated Feb 09

"If you don't like it, THEN LEAVE", Brody said pointing towards the door. 

And that's when I realized it, it wasn't him who was holding me there.. it was my own body that was craving for his touch.

"LEAVE!", Brody shouted.

I was just looking at him, not moving any part of my body. 

He grabbed my waist with his both hands and pulled me closer to him until our bodies were touching.

"You have no idea how many times I've dreamed of this moment", Brody whispered.


She is;
And Muslim

He is;
A bully
A jerk
And Atheist

He used to bully her, she used to hate him... But what will happen when they get paired up with eachother for their project? And will one of them develop feelings for one another?

Read and find out. 

Also, this story involves religions like Islam but that doesn't mean that the characters in this story are perfect.. We all make mistakes.

And Allah (Subhana Wa'Tahala) is the best of planners. [Holy Quran 8:30]

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IrfanGulzai IrfanGulzai Jan 22
Nice one we will wait for the next chapter.
                              In Sha Allah soon we will have it from you.
MzRealty MzRealty Nov 21, 2016
You can't hug guys?😯 yeesh I feel bad lol like maybe I should start doing that
I started wearing my hijab in year 7 or grade 7 whatever  it was NOT a good time to remember lol ( I wrapped it so weirdly omg yuck)
ShocoLate8 ShocoLate8 Jan 09
Our school ain't like that....I wore it since grade 3 😂 @Razia101 even I'm an early birdie c: our school allows hijab it's up to the girls I think...no one judges....even it comes to hijab ....but then I hate school anyway....😂😂
iimanmaeen iimanmaeen Oct 17, 2016
Lol for me by foot its 10 mins and by bus its 5 mins😂😂
vovate vovate Dec 27, 2016
Do things like this actually happen. It's funny cuz most people don't even have time to think about it.