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a nightmare By lucifiers Updated Mar 30

BONKERS ; crazy, mad

'I am not crazy, my views are simply different than yours.' 

Quinn Quinzel is bonkers, absolutely stark raving mad.

As her sister's and the Joker's top henchmen, or hench girl in her case, she enjoys killing sprees and accompanying them on 'business' trips. 

Till she gets captured and thrown into Bell Reve

//Rick Flag//
//Suicide Squad//
Start: 19/08/2016
End: -

I own only Quinn and Anuka. There might be glimpses of other characters from my other books.

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backup1314 backup1314 Oct 28, 2017
Wait so if he adopted her that would make her sister her adoptive mother then sht wouldn't add up
There's nothing wrong with setting someone on fire 
                               * says the piro
Raineedayz Raineedayz Jan 17
                              Sorry about the haters you can write MUCH better than me
baphe101 baphe101 Dec 21, 2017
I'm actually dying from reading the comment because I thought the same thing.😂😂😂😂😂
I don't get how that's bad it's just fire ugh people are so weak sometimes