A New Perspective | Solangelo AU

A New Perspective | Solangelo AU

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queerio By sun_angel_ Updated Sep 04, 2017

Efficient. Fortunate. Cold. Nico Di Angelo has many desirable traits, but the only thing most people seem to notice about him is that he has no family. At twenty four years old, most people his age are in relationships, some with children. He has nobody but his two sisters and their families, and he's okay with that. Nico doesn't want a family, but he's unwillingly thrust into one anyway.

Loving. Devoted. Desperate. Will Solace doesn't love his girlfriend. But he loves his daughter, and he will do anything he has to in order to raise her in a safe and stable environment. Will just wants to live a peaceful, uneventful and stress-free life with his satisfactory girlfriend and his adorable daughter. Then he suddenly becomes part of a disorganised mess of a family which really needs his help.


Trigger warnings: car crash (two side character deaths), swearing.

Most of the characters are not mine. No copyright infringement intended or whatever I'm supposed to say so I don't get sued.

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SolangeloLikeFedex SolangeloLikeFedex Sep 08, 2017
Omgs my finger seemed to have gone numb after the word "dead"
greekdemigod1234 greekdemigod1234 Sep 20, 2017
haleylose haleylose Oct 01, 2017
is this Silena ythe reincarnated form of Charlie's girlfriend?
You guys do realize that Lee died in the Battle of the Labyrinth. This was inevitable
luckibears2 luckibears2 Mar 03
OMG I always feel so weird when this happens (as in, in a story), like for all u no that person just died right after u fall unconscious. That’s just so many things that could be so trippy
greekdemigod1234 greekdemigod1234 Sep 20, 2017
Aw man Lee died so sad
                              *whispers* Not really Lee is like my least favorite characters so far dry just my opinion....🙂