Adopted By BTS (Kid Version)

Adopted By BTS (Kid Version)

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Jeon Yoongi By infiresyoonmin Updated Feb 05


Shin Hani is an ordinary girl who live in the adoption center. Her parents died caused by an accident that she didn't know. She already got adopted many times but that won't last long. When she got adopted by Shin's family, they decided to change her last name into Shin also. But not so long, they can't live with her anymore so, they decided to give them back to the adoption center. But what if one day an idol will adopted her? Will they leave her as the other family did or stay with her forever?


Started: 8/17/16
Ended: -/-/-

Asian_Hoe37 Asian_Hoe37 Nov 26, 2016
They are kinda creepy. A bunch of 20 year old guys adopting a 7-8 year old. But since we know them (but not really) it's fine. That's books for ya.
AYO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! Sorry it's a habit of mine to just comment lyrics of KPOP songs when I see words similar to them XD