Adopted By BTS [EDITING]

Adopted By BTS [EDITING]

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nameless By kookmin13_ Completed

{don't read this, pls}


When Hani was adopted by BTS...


"Hyung! Key please!" Jungkook ran downstairs for the keys.

"For what?" Yoongi ask. 

"For Hani's room! Faster!"

"What happend, anyway?" Jimin suddenly asked.

"I don't have an idea of what's happening but I keep knocking on her door but she won't respond. And her door is locked!" 

"Jungkook, key." Yoongi hyung passed it to him and all of them quickly ran to her room. When they opened it, they was shocked! 


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WeirdFangirl37 WeirdFangirl37 Nov 26, 2016
They are kinda creepy. A bunch of 20 year old guys adopting a 7-8 year old. But since we know them (but not really) it's fine. That's books for ya.