Calypso ▸▸ Suicide Squad

Calypso ▸▸ Suicide Squad

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georgia By austavia Updated Aug 19, 2016

Born and raised in Gotham City, Willow Watson was used to the chaos that surrounded her every day. In fact, she grew to love it.

   Rotated through the foster system since an early age, the terrible treatment and horrible people were just two more variables that banded together to create her harsh reality. When she was fifteen-years-old, her life changed drastically and she added another word to her list of flaws; Metahuman. 

   Earning the alias Calypso, meaning 'she who conceals' in Greek mythology, she rose to power in Gotham, making powerful friends along the way. When one of these friends betray her in favor of another, she is sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary to live out the rest of her days in a dark cell. 

   Then Amanda Waller visits her, full of rich promises and powerful words, giving her an offer she can't help but be suspicious of; freedom for her total, unwavering and utter loyalty.

I love the story and wish you would update because many people have slowed down on the crave of suicide squad and I haven't had any full stories on the subject and yours is so good to be stopped on a cliffhanger
2ArchAngels 2ArchAngels Jul 21
Either KillerCroc (cuz she can make herself look like a female him to show him skin don't matter to her), El Diablo, or Floyd.
Awwe. Part of me really likes his reaction to them taking her