Run Away [Completed]

Run Away [Completed]

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Anne By iamRam2333 Completed

"I-is he still alive?" Maine asked, trembling.

"Barely," Alden answered, nursing his fist which he noticed had become swollen as well. "He's lucky you're here to stop me."

"We're in so much trouble now, Alden" Maine exclaimed fearfully. 

"We're leaving. Let's leave now before he wakes up," Alden ordered as he pulled Maine's shirt to cover her up. "Change your shirt and pack a few clothes." he said as he gently pushed her towards her room. 

"Where are we going?" Maine asked, still trembling.

"I'm not sure yet," he answered, "but we need to runaway." he added, his voice low and serious and his eyes still burning with anger. "Do you know how long it will be until they find out about this and reach us?" he asked her.



An aspiring writer looking for an inspiration for his next book crosses paths with a young woman in desperate need to be saved.

Unwilling at first because of fear, Maine eventually decides to embark on a dangerous journey with Alden to runaway from her past that is determined to kill them both..

Highest Ranking: #2 in Fan Fiction

Started on 8/18/2016 and Completed on 8/25/2016

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ej_bambi ej_bambi Apr 13, 2017
just started reading this and i  honestly want to know where you've been. this has already got me hooked
RaquelPanopio4 RaquelPanopio4 Jun 29, 2017
I started this already pala Kaya lng d ko matuloy tuloy pagbasa Ewan ko bakit 😄
maichardbby maichardbby Aug 30, 2016
I super love the wreckage! 😍 Just finished it in one sitting hahahaha thats why im excited to read this and your other work(s) too :)) yayy!
cornflower1123 cornflower1123 Aug 27, 2016
wow, i didn't know you had this one. i'll start reading this right this minute. so glad i have this for my weekend reading. i sooo appreciate you for being a very prolific writer. thank you!
Cassiopeiastar3 Cassiopeiastar3 Aug 18, 2016
LOL frickle frackle talaga! I think I'll use this term whenever my young daughter is within earshot :-D
bunnytown09 bunnytown09 Aug 21, 2016
I loved Wreckage! Keep on writing dear author! And better give your niece HP paperbacks to stay away from watty.