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HeartBreaker | Book 1

HeartBreaker | Book 1

87.1K Reads 5.9K Votes 36 Part Story
T.K.☁️ By TKValentino Completed

Book One. 
Christopher Madison is a self-proclaimed asshole with a troubled past. 
He has no sense of where his life is heading and not single soul to call a friend.
He's a lonely soul, who uses sarcasm and carelessness as a defence mechanism until he meets Desirae Wiley; the girl who is too good for him, yet not good enough.
The harder he falls for her, the more she sees him for who he truly is.
 As he fights for who he is and who he loves, his  dark past, which he thought he'd escaped, comes back to haunt him.

serinanthediamonds serinanthediamonds Nov 19, 2016
If you're so obsessed with her than just date her instead of the future girl ur gon meet
Me: Every time I'm alone, and I enjoy solitude, I feel like I'm not alone. What if we aren't?
                              Also Me: Shut upppp and readdddd the boooookkkk!!!
Then we do it all over again *sigh* I guess it's worth it cuz the sex
wa11ahi wa11ahi Feb 11
i love melbourne city it's so diverse but i love sydney city more HA
BeccaGerke BeccaGerke 5 days ago
There is a guy at my college I call Ramen for the exact same reason 😂😂
serinanthediamonds serinanthediamonds Nov 19, 2016
Lemme guess the girl he's gonna meet is the granddaughter of hers