The Damaged [Joker]

The Damaged [Joker]

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fariha s. By evanesces Updated Dec 29, 2017

When Joker meets Alexis, two insane minds collide, what will it result as? Who knows. Alexis is the only reason for his smile, however, how do criminal minds fall for anyone? They don't love, they don't know how to. But when Evan (Batman) gets into the picture, Lexi becomes confused. 
 However, when Joker and Batman are at the brink of death, Alexis can only save one of them... Who will it be?

That's not all though; Mr. J and Ms. X form a bad-ass squad that's full of complications and maybe new and dangerous relationships...
Will peace win or will it all just cause a massive earthquake?

Jared Leto as Joker
Evan Peters as Batman

The Gang/ OCs :
Ed Westwick as Calvin Westwood
Trish Martinez 
Ashley Angelica
Vic Hong
Finn Wittrock as Tyler Oberlin


[Started: AUG2016 
 Done Editing: -]

I don't own The Joker or Batman.

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theofficialkitten theofficialkitten Aug 27, 2016
I love Pre-Joker so much! And it seems you going a good way with it. Your writing is simple, but I can visualize everything. Its certainly a rose in a garden of daisies.
JOKES_ON_U JOKES_ON_U Aug 19, 2016
                              mista tattoo guy <3 XD :D :) :D :P
JOKES_ON_U JOKES_ON_U Aug 19, 2016
                              mista tattoo guy <3 XD :D :) :D :P
valentinerain valentinerain Aug 17, 2016
''What do I call you, Mister-cute tattoo-guy'' WTF XDD DEAD! its really good <3
ToTehBatcave ToTehBatcave Jan 17, 2017
Okay okay okay... my name is Alexis, I am obsessed with Joker, I wanna get a tattoo, I hang out with weird people, the Alexis in this story says what I would say, AM I DREAMING!!!😂😂🌷🌸🖤💕
AmuPshyeahVanity AmuPshyeahVanity Sep 05, 2016
Weird people are always like a magnet to me. 😹😹😹 I flock to them