Travel Diary

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Allen Lau By allenlau Updated 10 months ago
This is a collection of my poems.  Each poem is dedicated to a city that I traveled to.
It's Ramadhan again next week, maybe someone in Jakarta will live out this poem and make life imitate art?
I love your travel poems - traveling is one of my dreams :)))
great poem loved how you described both sides the rich and poor. your words help get a picture of the place in my mind although I have never been there.
Enjoyed this and look forward to reading about future cities.
Such a sense of melancholy. Perfectly pictured traveller slowing down at the end of a long day, that most beautiful time of all, dusk...
Nice job done! I've never been to Jakarta but I've been to Bali and Batam and what you've described here really reminded me of my trips there. You captured everything perfectly. It's heartbreaking to see tall buildings and luxurious hotels yet have child beggars roaming the streets...