Together. || myg

Together. || myg

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박지민 ☁️ By Jiminttrash Completed

You and Yoongi aka Suga have been Best friends ever since you were 5 years old and when your parents passed away his family took you in. 

Ever since then you and Yoongi had been together, attached at the hip. Whenever you weren't around him you just felt so lonely...he was your best friend after all but what happens when one day Yoongi starts to become distant and closes himself off from you without any explanation. 

Will your friendship of over 10 years wither away or will you two become closer than you thought possible?

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Me: *fakes anxiety attack at BTS fan meeting*
                              Wait what, that's what I'd be doing naturally ....Imma make sure I'm RIGHT in front of Jin or Yoongi.
A friend of mine passed away 2 years ago. I didn't cry tho, I just felt numb.
So I really decided to listen to 4'oClock Im stupid I really am
I used to take a type of anti-depressant (Zoloft) but I stopped since it was giving me pretty bad heart palpitations :/ and it tasted like sh1t XD
So like I decided it would be a good idea to listen to 4'o Clock. Bad idea because I'm crying now
I was 4 years old when my mom passed away.... Just... An innocent little kid who had so many dreams with her *sigh*