Samut Nalir's Miraculous Elixir of Life

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Rachel By Rachel24601 Updated 4 years ago
Samut Nalir has never had a problem with taking people's money through any means, honest or not.  To him, it's nothing more than a way to make a living, and he's very good at it.  So when he sells a fake elixir of life to an unwary customer, he never could have expected the trouble it would land him in, and never would have dreamed that he'd have to work so hard to save his own life.
Awesome. This is well written and creative, and I need to go read more. Great job!
You're very talented at painting a vivid picture, I could picture the scene in my head. And the dialogue was superb. I'm curious to know who will survive, will keep reading!
Very well written, and very good description. *voted for sure
wow INCREDIBLE use of conversation. i really like the hand maid haha. I wil definitely keep reading! voted for sure
Tranald is a very unusual name but I like it :) the descriptions are very good and I like the whole historical Kings and Queens and villages aspect :) It's interesting!! Good work <3 voted
Its in third person and set in the medieval ages :D love it!!! But i have an eensy problem...Servants are usually too afraid to talk to their masters and are asked to stay in to shadows. So when Calla started talking to the Queen, i was like "Wait, what?" Just that :D