Secrets |ChanBaek|

Secrets |ChanBaek|

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Sehun's Eyebrow By Otaku_potato-chan Updated Sep 24

Baekhyun is living in a very homophobic area and it seems like nothing is looking up to him. 

He has a crush on the school's fuckboy, Park Chanyeol. 

Chanyeol is straight and Baekhyun has no chance to be with him. 

He's constantly bullied by homophobes. 

His depression is worsening. 

Until a short lesbian girl trys to help him. 
She understands, she's in the same situation. 

He slowly gets more confidence. 

"Keep these secrets forever." 

Trigger Warning. [Self Harm+Suicide]

K-POP-Stuff K-POP-Stuff Aug 20
Has anybody played/seen a let's play of life is strange? This description reminds me of Chloe.
-tenshi -tenshi Nov 15
damn daddy Baek^ 
                              ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴
-tenshi -tenshi Nov 15
"innocent dear" 
                              blow it like a flue
                              show me what it do 
*facepalm* we're all humans here. we don't get the right to tell who should and shouldn't die. SO TO WHOEVER SAID THAT, I'MMA SHOVE MY FINGER SO FAR UP YOUR FREAKING ASS THAT YOU'LL COUGH OUT MY NAIL