Secrets +º ChanBaek

Secrets +º ChanBaek

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literal trash By fluffykihyun- Updated Jul 31

Baekhyun is living in a very homophobic area and it seems like nothing is looking up to him. 

He has a crush on the school's fuckboy, Park Chanyeol. 

Chanyeol is straight and Baekhyun has no chance to be with him. 

He's constantly bullied by homophobes. 

His depression is worsening. 

Until a short lesbian girl trys to help him. 
She understands, she's in the same situation. 

He slowly gets more confidence. 

"Keep these secrets forever." 

 [Self Harm+Suicide+Smut+Daddy kink]

No one gonna mention 'cheeky little lesbian' cause thats grwat