School of Creation ; SetoSolace

School of Creation ; SetoSolace

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School of Creation ; "We Promise to Aid Our Citizens of The Future!"

Being the Prince of Sorcerers can take a heavy toll on someone. With struggles every turn, and the thought of death constantly creeping up their spine, no where is considered "safe." Some things maybe be simple, but most of the time, obstacles had always blocked the way to the exit. 

When Harvey Seto Sorcerer is assigned the Black Lotus X Classed mission to the School of Creation, he had his doubts. With his brother failing the mission previously, which resulted in death, fear would be common. Yet, something seemed a bit off about the school, and something was seeming to unravel before the Sorcerer's eyes.

Join "Seto Kaji" as he accepts his mission to the School of Creation.

**The depiction of setosorcerer on the cover is NOT my drawing, I just edited it in**

Don't you think you'll snap if you're the one in Seto's place?
Hm..? *sees people dead and injured* You guys got what you deserved, I'm not helping you~ *smirks and disappears*