Beyond the Doubts

Beyond the Doubts

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My works #14 //. 

Set in Los Angeles of the early 2000's, Adonte Jackson - an average junior high schooler is figuring out his own path in life while pursuing the passion of boxing and balancing school with everyday events. Being on the cretin record however becomes a major setback considering it determines a big chunk of his grade. 

His crush, Isla Tate a young, beautiful senior falls in the need of some help too and it may come a time where they cross paths to assist each other. This failing grade though becomes not the only thing on his already full plate. Find out what's going on in the streets of California in Beyond The Doubts.

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This is really good. You've managed to pull me in from the first few paragraphs so I know its gonna be a lit book.👏
ANyiaa ANyiaa Oct 03
See Where The Boys Like These Go Cause Now A Days If A Boy Like You They Just Wanna Hit Ya All Day 😂
It's so cute how he was so nervous 😫😩🙃😫😍😍 and this is getting so good, can't keep up I been slacking on reading ya books Ima try to catch up tho!!!
I rewatch those movies all the time on Netflix mainly We The Party 😍
Damn the juniors at my school don't look like that 😩😩😩😂😍💕
You not the only one excited. I'm happy I finally found a food story to read.