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Jurassic RP Book

Jurassic RP Book

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Wylde Raptor By OthersideRaptor Updated Mar 22

Heyyyyy people! I'm gonna be doing an RP book about the dinosaurs of Jurassic World and Jurassic Park. The character(s) you're role-playing as will be added into the book with bios and personalities. Message me which character you want in here and I'll add them!

AJQueen6 AJQueen6 Mar 08
                              Looks:long brown hair, green eyes, pale skin, lip ring, nose ring.
                              Personality:Funny, giggly, sweet smart, protective
                              Backstory:From the age of 4 to 7 crimson had loved dinosaurs and from the age of 8 to 15 she did a lot of research on this, in hopes to meet one
Name: maverick
                              Age: 18 in human years
                              Appearance: rex and human hybrid his tail is black and his eyes are yellow his hair is black he wears black shorts and thats all
                              Personality: shy,quiet,bookworm
                              Backstory: unknown to all except scientists 
                              Crush: open
(My third bloody oc!)
                              Name: wrecker
                              Age: 20
                              Looks: green scales with a spiky tail, is a stegosaurus
                              Personality: lazy, kind, brave
                              Backstory: was breeded in a lab
                              Looks: mix of blue and purple scales, is a hybrid of triceratops and t-rex, is missing one horn
                              Personality: kind, beefy, jock
                              Backstory: ???
Skeleton03 Skeleton03 Apr 17
Name: Ari
                              Age: 3 human years
                              Appearance: a normal black and yellow felecaraptor
                              Personality: cheerful, happy, kind, nice, smart, persuasive, Innocent
                              Backstory: find out
Name: Kilo
                              Age: 9
                              Appearance: Blue (Raptor)
                              Personality: Trusts only Owen, Looks up to Blue, Echo, Delta, and Charlie, smart, keen.
                              Backstory: Owen found him, hurt, as a baby and helped him. He refused to leave afterwards.
                              Crush: Open.