Loved by him

Loved by him

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Used to be named, "mermaid princess and the alpha mate"

"Please Daddy. The boys can come with. Please." I say look at my dad with my big sea colored eyes. 
   Tyson is going to be alpha. He is on the look for a mate. What if it is a mermaid princess.
    Megan wants to go onto land to find her mate. What happens when it's a werewolf alpha? 
  This is there chance to find love will they? Or will there be to many obstacles.

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noodlehead_Avery noodlehead_Avery Mar 12, 2017
queentkb queentkb Jul 15, 2017
So wait werewolves and mermaids can and are allowed to mate THATS UNBELIEVABLE
____GhostGirl____ ____GhostGirl____ Jul 04, 2017
I'll just give you everything you need even though I live underwater and the only money I would have would be some old mermaid money that I could not use on land...have fun!
TreeOfHearts TreeOfHearts Nov 15, 2017
🎶 I swish my tail back and forth I swish my tail back and forth 🎶
WearPinkOnWednesdays WearPinkOnWednesdays Aug 15, 2017
Am I srsly the only person who thought that all the boys in the pic were love interests and was about to scream 😂
ains246 ains246 May 17, 2017
Cause you can't forget your makeup honey cause without it your ugly