The Alpha's Omega

The Alpha's Omega

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H. By HopelesslyHidden Updated Aug 27, 2018

Zaiden Lakis is a 17 year old Omega. An Omega with PTSD,(Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), At a young age he saw his parents get killed in front of him, (which leads to him getting PTSD), and then the neighbouring Packs Alpha Vlad Reeves finds Zaiden and decides to take him in. Once he took Zaiden home,his son forms a bond with Zaiden. 

Oh, did I forget to mention Zaiden is gay?

Lance Reeves is Good-looking, beautiful, handsome, as the girls at school like to say, he's a charmer. Lance will soon be next Alpha in the Dark Crescent pack,with his birthday coming up, he'll soon find his mate and once he finds his mate he'll become alpha.

But Lance has been hiding something... He's in love with the packs omega, Zaiden.

     With his birthday coming up he's worried that he'll forget about his adorable little omega and ditch him for his future mate. But when a student, Jackson Weber threatens to steal Zaiden away, Lance's overprotective side kicks in he has to act fast. 

With crazy best friends,a jealous ex & Zaidens creepy ass stalker,what could go wrong?

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