Made into a Rogue

Made into a Rogue

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"Heather you will be doing six hours of training for your behavior today." The Alpha decided looking at me with hard eyes 

"What?! I already told you Chloe did it! this is bull-"

"Enough!" His voice boomed through the office making me stop mid sentence 
"Eight hours of training plus dish duty!" He slammed his hand on the desk 

Oh hell no!

"Fuck this." I darted out the room and flung open the back doors of the pack house bolting into the woods

"Heather!" His voice roared through the forest, my wolf was begging me to listen to our Alpha and go back to the pack house, but I couldn't I had to get out of this hell hole

I quickly stripped and shifted holding my clothes in my mouth. I ran for hours until I finally reached the pack border lines. 

As soon as I cross over...I'm a Rogue.

My wolf whimpered for me to stop and turn back towards the pack house.  

I ignored her and took a deep breath shifting back into my human form and stepping into my clothes.

'Heather please come back, you are far too young to become a Rogue.' My Luna tried to reason trough mind link 

To be honest I will miss my Luna and my best friend Paige they were all I had. But I have to go.

'I'm sorry Luna, tell Paige I love her for me.' And with that I blocked her out and stepped over onto Rogue territory 


Hey guys this is my first werewolf book, but I have read several werewolf books on Wattpad and I'm pretty sure I've got the feel of what it's supposed to be like. 


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