Then You Changed Everything

Then You Changed Everything

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Change Your Full Name By Kitty_Is_My_Senpai Updated Nov 11, 2017

"Zane, are you okay?" Vylad's shaky voice caused Zane to look at his younger brother but he only sat at the corner of the small room. "I'm sorry Vylad...I'm sorry Z-Zane..."

*The original story was created by @Thecoolkitty56 I offered to rewrite this for her due to the discontinuation she announced a year ago. I don't take credit for the idea.*


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IHaveAWeirdCat IHaveAWeirdCat 5 days ago
I'm gonna step back and pretend my brothers name isn't Jonathan...
How I feel right now: 😠😢😐😢😣😨😣😤😬😲😭😓
                              How my brother feels: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              Yes my brother is a jerk he laughed while he read this. I will get my revenge someday brother someday.....
festivepandagirl7890 festivepandagirl7890 Apr 04, 2017
Why can't I feel love no more... 
                              Proper would be, why can't I feel love anymore. But I like the improper better
KarukaandSeven KarukaandSeven Dec 26, 2017
I was.. I was looking for Klance fanfics.. I saw this at the end.. This is what happens.. I'm shook
Zanvis_Shipper11 Zanvis_Shipper11 Dec 19, 2017
All I can think about after reading zane's line is an episode of minecraft cops and robbers where basher is the Warden and has to break his way throw a wall of melons build by Mitch while Jerome is building a house.... Is that bad?
DeviledHorns DeviledHorns Aug 11, 2017
*Pulls out Shotgun* *Shoots Garte and his friends in the head* Never ever touch Zuzu again!