Then You Changed Everything

Then You Changed Everything

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Kathrine By Kitty_Is_My_Senpai Updated Jul 20

"Zane, are you okay?" Vylad's shaky voice caused Zane to look at his younger brother but he only sat at the corner of the small room. "I'm sorry Vylad...I'm sorry Z-Zane..."

*The original story was created by @Thecoolkitty56 I offered to rewrite this for her due to the discontinuation she announced a year ago. I don't take credit for the idea.*


May I say one thing
                              GARRENCE ✔
                              ZANVIS ✔
                              VYLANTE ✔
Why can't I feel love no more... 
                              Proper would be, why can't I feel love anymore. But I like the improper better
DANTE YOUR DEAD!! from blushing and seeing your one true love💘
Because Kawaii is Japanese for cute [i think] and Kawaii~Chan is japanese and loves anime also she's cute so basically in english she would be Cute~Chan but in japanese and in Aphmau's roleplays its Kawaii~Chan
Kawii~Chan XD srry to correct chu and laugh but its Kawaii~Chan
*Pulls out Shotgun* *Shoots Garte and his friends in the head* Never ever touch Zuzu again!