Lust Filled Tendencies

Lust Filled Tendencies

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Warning: if you do not like bad language, sexual stuff, and gore please do not read. 

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You're a military corporal who is sent to the Hellsing Organization to help Sir Integra and her agents fight off the evil monsters lurking in England. But you're met to deal with something you never thought you'd ever deal with in your life. Falling in love with the vampire king.

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Wonderful writing. Dialogue executed beautifully. I am extremely happy that I'm not complaining​ about grammar and constant  misspelled words. If there were some misspelled words, I probably missed them. but as long as there are only few it won't be a huge deal. I am already getting addicted.
For those of you who cannot be stuffed: Things I used:
                              Names: Narrissa Black
                              Nickname: Nini
                              Hair colour: Silver
                              Hair length: Long
                              Eye colour: Silver
                              Favorite colour: Red
                              Favorite song: Immortals (fall out boys) 
                              Partners name: Pe-nee
Names: Willow Karma Chance
                              Nickname: Will
                              Hair color: white
                              Hair length: pixicut
                              Eye color: white
                              Favorite color: peach
                              Favorite song: to many to count so idk
                              Partners name: zen
Ahhhh!!! I love it so much and I'm only on the 2nd chapter!!!❤️
moosazombie moosazombie Jan 30
Me and my general would have to fight. Ha vampires? I did not sign up for that.