Noctis x Reader ~After Midnight

Noctis x Reader ~After Midnight

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FFXV Writer By FFXVsummoner Completed

A young maid learning of the past decisions of her father.
A prince discovering the true sacrifices he must make as future sovereign of Lucis.

Noctis Lucis Caelum has returned from his journey alongside his entourage, reclaiming Insomnia under their rightful owners. Reclaiming the throne was only one of the steps of becoming king. The next was growing accustomed to the laws upheld in the palace. And being assigned a maid in order to fully accentuate his stay. Yet, the past of her own father was creeping closer in the shadows, disrupting the cherished relationship Noctis has developed with her...

Crossover between Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIII universes. Final Fantasy XV parallel events from actual game.

Fanfiction Best Rank: 1/24/16 #590

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iki_tan iki_tan Aug 23, 2017
This is so wrong, I have a very similiar name and this girl makes me feel so wrong. Tho her outfit choice is 10/10
I will protect that smile. I will bet my 3rd left potato chip on the line to ensure he's always smiling.
Gpopp3514 Gpopp3514 Mar 14, 2017
The day you start annoying me with these is the day I become the quee.n of Oz XD
Eggliette Eggliette Dec 19, 2016
I'm actually squealing this fanfic couldn't have been written by a human it's literally too gOOD
JaeinT JaeinT Aug 28, 2016
me right now: *scream* 😮😶🙅🙆🙈🙊
                              OMG!!! i loveeeee your story about Noct!!!! yayyyyy
Aethelwyne_Glacialis Aethelwyne_Glacialis Feb 28, 2017
Tell me why he looks like an older version of my younger brother without glasses