Noctis x Reader ~After Midnight

Noctis x Reader ~After Midnight

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FFXV Writer By FFXVsummoner Updated Nov 24

A young woman bound to the line of Lucii as an eternal servant like her forebearers.
A maturing prince slowly accepting the fate of kingship creeping behind him in the shadows.

The bloody war that once commenced years ago, sending both Lucis and Niflheim to complete oblivion has passed. The prince of Lucis, soon to be reigning king, has returned from his excruciating journey of reclaiming his rightful property of his nation. Both the previous king and Tenebraean princess reside within the protective walls of the palace. The chains of servitude will bind the young maid from pursuing her sweet dreams, watching them diminish like dust. Will a certain prince show her the meaning behind all her sacrifices of her family tree that is eternally intertwined with the affairs of the kingdom of Lucis? Maybe even a dream of falling under the love spell mysteriously cast on her eyes?

Slight cross over between Final Fantasy XV and XIII universes

white4nim4l white4nim4l Aug 23
You're not annoying! And I love this chapter <3
                              I'm curious how the story continues(ᵔᴥᵔ)
HoneylemonTM HoneylemonTM 6 days ago
U didn't.
                              U did not.
                              I refuse to believe
                              You used Regis's words.
                              nOOOOOOOO IS IN TEARS
Holy that was amazing, thanks for making my night and no you're not annoying don't worry
Eoryn-Chan Eoryn-Chan Dec 01
This is really cool, even if Noct may be a little OOC (now that the game is out we can tell) but nothing chocking. I love it.
JaeinT JaeinT Aug 28
amazing!!! aaaa can'g wait for more updates!!!! keep going~~♡♡♡
Amazing just how I expected! It's an imteresting start and I can't wait till I read the next chapter ^.^