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Noctis x Reader ~After Midnight

Noctis x Reader ~After Midnight

38.5K Reads 1.4K Votes 22 Part Story
FFXV Writer By FFXVsummoner Updated Apr 29

A young woman learning from the past decisions of her own family.
A young man nourishing his knowledge of becoming the sovereign of Lucis.

Escaping the aftermath of the war behind Niflheim and Lucis, Prince Noctis finds himself reflecting over the thought of the maid he personally handpicked from many of the servants already taking refuge in his own home. The aged king still lingers inside the interior of the towering palace in Insomnia, including the mythical Oracle and messenger of the gods. Even the war has ceased, Noctis' thoughts still wander towards the fair maiden that was named f-n. Something differentiated her from the rest. Maybe the casual yet forced introduction as her being his maid. Disliking the idea, he still moved onward like a king should, except being babysat by a maid. Who knows, maybe their worlds would intertwine even closer than he originally thought...

Crossover between Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIII universes. Final Fantasy XV parallel events from actual game.

Fanfiction Best Rank: 1/24/16 #590

Gpopp14 Gpopp14 Mar 14
The day you start annoying me with these is the day I become the quee.n of Oz XD
Eggliette Eggliette Dec 19, 2016
I'm actually squealing this fanfic couldn't have been written by a human it's literally too gOOD
JaeinT JaeinT Aug 28, 2016
me right now: *scream* 😮😶🙅🙆🙈🙊
                              OMG!!! i loveeeee your story about Noct!!!! yayyyyy
_-MeteorA-_ _-MeteorA-_ Feb 28
Tell me why he looks like an older version of my younger brother without glasses
polly8118 polly8118 Feb 14
Woah woah woah!!! Calm your tits, bud! We just met, like, three days ago!
animeluver_ animeluver_ Dec 09, 2016
Lol I always say tht when ppl think it's ok to pet me like a damn animal 👿😅😄