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Warriors: Glodhart's Prophecy

Warriors: Glodhart's Prophecy

9K Reads 975 Votes 20 Part Story
The Most Awesome People You Will Ever Meet By CloudtailGrandmas Updated Feb 28

CloudtailGrandmas brings you the next infamous Warriors fanfic, starring Glodhart from the Ballad of the MoonClan Roleplay as the main character. Although the characters in this book are the same ones as that one, the storylines do not correspond at all.

LeAmbertail LeAmbertail Mar 13
Shaakit wock up ish serimony tem." Sad Okafart. "Oki mamamamamam" sadi Shakir he wock up AN went oer 2 da lefer. "Shaakit ur know Shaapww. I wall mentur you." Shaapaw GASP
FireGirlDragons12345 FireGirlDragons12345 16 hours ago
                              1) Starkit's Prophecy
                              2) Glodhart's Prophecy 
                              3) unknown
Nowhere near halfway finished with this chapter alone and I'm already done
I feel like this is the only smart thing he'll say throughout this entire story
I literally couldn't read ANY of that
                              my eyes
                              THEY'RE DYING
So_Jaded15 So_Jaded15 Apr 11
Glodheart was walking with his patrol. He was in a hunting (?) patrol when he scented a mouse. Glodheart went into a/his hunting crouch and leaped at the mouse. The mouse let out a loud squeak and died.