Ashes Were

Ashes Were

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Rose Autumn By VeilofPetals Updated Aug 06

Ashlyn went missing without a trace at the age of seventeen, and after months with no leads was given up for dead. Now three years later she's been rescued, but the Ashlyn who comes back to Broken River is a different girl from the one who left. Hardened, angry, damaged and confused, Ashlyn fights to find and save the girl she once was. 

Meanwhile, her oldest friend, Ruke, has spent the last three years fending off suspicion that he had something to do with Ashlyn's disappearance. When the two reunite, the story they left unfinished begs to be rewritten. But Ashlyn's dark past has already caught up to her and refuses to let her go. By the time Ashlyn realizes how much danger she's in, will it be too late?

Told in third person through multiple points of view and across two distinct timelines, Ashes Were is a story about coming back from the worst place imaginable and rebuilding your life from the ashes. For each character, this process is unique and propels each of them to a different ending.

So are you gonna go through the events leading up to how Ashlyn got kidnapped and caught in the industry?
Pisaster_ochraceus Pisaster_ochraceus Aug 20, 2016
This sounds like it is going to be an excellent novel. Can't wait to read more!
- - Sep 12, 2016
I just love how you used an excerpt from Hamlet, which is my favourite Shakespearean play...
Okay. Really unrelated but I did Gertrude's monologue (^^^) in 3rd grade. 😂