Crystal Beach Highschool (Lapidot,Pearlmythest, and Rupphire Human AU)

Crystal Beach Highschool (Lapidot,Pearlmythest, and Rupphire Human AU)

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Stars Amongst Stars By peristellar Completed

Crystal Beach High School for Young, Derivative Girls is a prestigious academy which only the best of the best get into. 

In that very school, Peridot has always lived alone in her dorm room, writing fan fictions and avoiding bullies who have nothing better to do than to torment other teenage girls.

But what happens when one day, a girl named Lapis Lazuli comes into her life and changes everything?

Their worlds will never be the same once they collide.

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DorkyFlower DorkyFlower Jun 22
Hey! If you like Steven Universe, then why not reading my Garnet x Male Reader fanfic! I hope you like it!
damnmaggie damnmaggie Mar 24
Why would you pay for a place when you can have one for free?
This is irrelevant to this paragraph but I just realized we really don't  have to ship garnet be cause garnet a living ship of Ruby and sapphire
                              And I noticed....
                              Taxi drivers are not that nice. But lapis must have gotten lucky!
Just saying, in other Lapidot AU's, I've read, they had a moderate relationship, so this one's a little odd for me, but I'm sure it'll turn out great, And yes, I'm aware it is already completed.
Finally, a fanfic with great spelling, and a good paced introduction (Not too fast yet not too terribly slow). Although, why is this highschool if there are dorms ? Wouldn't it have been better to have taken place in college ? Just sayin it makes sense