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Surprise? - His Bubblegum Klutz Fan-Fiction (now called Pause)

Surprise? - His Bubblegum Klutz Fan-Fiction (now called Pause)

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✨xoAnneox✨ By xobooknerdox Updated 17 hours ago

'Once a klutz, always a klutz.'
        Most of you have read His Bubblegum Klutz (Now called Pause), Hot Lap, Return of His Bubblegum Klutz (Now called Rewind) and Jt's Reign. Everyone who read these book have fallen in love with all the characters (except Emma at one point). Well, are you ready for the biggest plot twist of your life? Too bad, you already clicked on this book and you have to read it (please don't go yet!) This happens 2 years after the disappearance of our beloved Aqueela Lawson. She gets the biggest surprise of her life.

ShandeeRoxx ShandeeRoxx Nov 19, 2016
*heart stopped * when I read naked waist, tgat Adonis belt though
usernameinprocess usernameinprocess Nov 05, 2016
What is happening? The accident happened or it's just your imagination?
ShandeeRoxx ShandeeRoxx Nov 19, 2016
Jay seems so chill in this fanfic 😂😂when he said siesta I imagined in dancing the tango 😂
marjieamya marjieamya Sep 10, 2016
I love this book.  I am not trying to rush you but please update sooon.
Hazel_Snow_3022 Hazel_Snow_3022 Dec 04, 2016
2 weeks!! Omg! Wait if she was in s come for 2 weeks wouldn't nurse be all Oh your awake!! And blah blah 😂
CJustMe CJustMe Sep 24, 2016
I really like how u capture all my characters accurately. Some people write about them and I sit thinking, 'Jay would never do that' or 'Grey isn't that sappy' etc. You really write them about them well, as I would write abt them.