Think With Your Heart (Donatello X Reader)

Think With Your Heart (Donatello X Reader)

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Sarah Barah By lemonlimegum Updated Oct 03, 2017

(Donatello X Reader) 

You're just staying here for a weeks vacation. It first turns well until you are surrounded by a dangerous gang. 

Then your saved by mutant ninja turtles who appear to be your age!

One seems to be very awkward around you but have heard he likes another girl named April O'Neal. 

Does he like you or April? 
Find out now!

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__speedy__prime__ __speedy__prime__ Oct 24, 2017
*giant f*cking ninja turtle crawls out of drain* Oh look, a New York sewer rat
Miraculous_Bunny Miraculous_Bunny Apr 05, 2017
I have one that I begged my mom for and I haven't touched it since.
GothicFrisk GothicFrisk Aug 17, 2017
Pizza Rat is the only Rat I saw in the City also Long Island and Upstate New York are nothing like the city.
WoffyGirl73 WoffyGirl73 Oct 24, 2017
Light cussing?!?! I’ve been swearing like a sailor since I was a baby 😆
Xx_Schwifty_xX Xx_Schwifty_xX Jun 15, 2017
I so need one but I'm scared it's going to turn out like Larry and run every single job in Elmore. 
                              Sneeze if you catch my cold.
leogirl40 leogirl40 Jul 23, 2017
Me: Aww*comes up to Donnie and hugs him*it's okay Donnie, I'm here for you.