PRINCE AND I | Arthur Pendragon | WATTYS2017

PRINCE AND I | Arthur Pendragon | WATTYS2017

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[A Quotev Featured Story]

She's in love with a prince. He's in love with his servant's sister. 

She's kind and funny. He's pompous and arrogant. 

She can't have a great destiny without him. And he can't have a great destiny without her. 

But the problem is, he's royal and she's not. 

Cecily is the twin sister of Merlin and goes with him to Camelot where they fall under the care of the court physician, are given place in the royal household, and meet the handsome yet arrogant Prince Arthur. Everyone except for Cecily can tell that Arthur's head over heels in love with her, but she denies it. And everyone except for Arthur can tell that Cecily is also head over heels in love with him. Will they find a way to be together or accept the fact that they can never be together?

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MerlinandArthur2021 MerlinandArthur2021 Dec 11, 2017
MerlinandArthur2021 MerlinandArthur2021 Dec 22, 2017
She already has an idiot brother an idiot husband is no different
umm... was he trying to hit on a girl he thought was already dating someone
the-goddess-nike the-goddess-nike Mar 17, 2017
is the queen still Gwen or will she end up with gwaine or merlin?
no, none can chose their fate, but they can control their destiny. SO GO SUCK IT, DRAGON
I never did understand why he always looked so happy getting rotten food thrown at him 😂😂