to the end ♔ joshler

to the end ♔ joshler

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angel By j-oshua Updated Dec 31, 2016

if you marry me,
would you bury me?
would you carry me to the end?

now it's your turn.
to be alone,
find a wife(!) and build yourself a home.
you have learned,
way too soon,
that your dad is now the pantaloon.

and all your friends,
they fertilize,
the ground you walk,
lose your mind.

so say goodbye to the vows you take,
and say goodbye to the life you make,
and say goodbye to the heart you break.


sequel to i'm not a stalker, promise.

yes, those are from two songs. but those lyrics kindof describe the book so that's the description guys.

lowercase is intended.

started on august 30th, 2016.

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Tylerrdunnn Tylerrdunnn Sep 28
I can just imagine Tyler doing that thing where he copies the interviewer
Literally listening to ride and that part come on at the exact same time that I read that part
axthxticxmo axthxticxmo Dec 28, 2016
WHO ELSE THINKS ITS KINDA WEIRD THAT THEY MET ON KIK AND END UP GETTING MARRIED?!? no one thinks what i think? no one? ok. (kitchen sink reference) lol
It seems like everyone who reads these fanfics  are always eating something, including me my rice just fell out of my mouth when I screamed
*record scratch* you're probably wondering how i got into this
i lowkey only ship them as friends but highkey love the fluff