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Things Only Fandom People Would Get

Things Only Fandom People Would Get

9.3K Reads 1.5K Votes 200 Part Story
Communist Leader By Seikiatsu Completed

Has no one ever understood your fandom ways? Does no one relate with your fandom problems and other things? Well this book tries to include all the things that any fandom person would get. There will be some that are centered towards a certain fandom. Some will just be towards all fandom people. Enjoy!

CheetahCipher CheetahCipher Dec 11, 2016
I swear when Jayfeather dies i'm going to flip out and cry so hard
SeaSorcerer SeaSorcerer Aug 31, 2016
Um... Hollyleaf. Like seriously, the Erins just brought her back and they killed her off!
- - Oct 16, 2016
I have cried more over Gorillaz and SU than I have cried about my grandmother dying
Bellalisle Bellalisle Aug 19, 2016
One day I told my friend I shipped them with someone they looked at me like I was crazy and said : "what does that mean"
                              I just can't even........
SeaSorcerer SeaSorcerer Aug 31, 2016
Hmm... lemme list a small amount!
                              Gravity Falls!
                              My Little Pony! (Don't f**king judge me)
                              Doctor Who!
                              Pokémon! (Only the first series for the tv show though... after that the anime was crap...)
                              AND STARCLAN KNOWS HOW MANY MORE
radfox- radfox- Aug 19, 2016
*cough* diablo 
                              sERIOUSly why did he have to die
                              i know it was a heroic sacrifice but ??? hE WAS JUST A BE AN
                              A FIERY BEAN OF HELL
                              BUT STILL A BEAN